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as a comparison, not as history. >> it produce even today thanks to dan brown and the da vinci code because he said jesus and mary were lovers. >> that's right. that idea which developed later than the legend about her prostitution is one that captured the public's imagination, and it resulted in the recent claim that they also had a child. >> we are talking about mary magdalene. we are not talking about mary the mother of jesus. did those two marys have any contact. >> it seems there was some contact between them because mary magdalene was jesus' closest disciple and although jesus' relationship with his family was often fraught, nonetheless, there is good evidence that towards the end of his life, there was a reconciliation with his family. >> it is clear she has been depicted throughout a good deal of history, at late as 1876 in this portrait we see on the screen, mary magdalene. the artist is julius. that erotic allure has been caught by brown in his book. >> it certainly has been. >> would you deny if jesus were to have a lover, that lover would have been mary magdalene. >> she does remai
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1